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Local Daily Specials is a premier restaurant search site that helps visitors find restaurant listings, view daily specials, and print coupons.  The website displays local restaurant listings based on distance from a starting address.  Visitors can choose to display only restaurants with specials, or view all restaurant listings.  As restaurants join local daily specials they can post their daily specials as often as they like, link to their website, activate a coupon for daily discounts, or even upload a full menu for visitors to view.  Our site gives the visitor the information they need to answer the "Big 3" questions that everyone asks themselves when deciding where to eat... What should I eat? How much will it cost? and,  How far do I have to go?  Restaurants realize that offering specials and daily discounts to their local customers is a smart move.  At we help restaurants reach not only the customers that live local, but those who might just be local for the day!  Good Food.  Great Price.  Right Around the Corner... that is what we offer.  Find a local restaurant.  View their listing.  Preview their specials, discounts, menus, and website.  And print out daily coupons.